coin purse

Very soft leather, warm but fresh at the same time, with a  unique strip colorful fabric from Ta Phin, Vietnam, made by the Red Dao women. The woven lining has an internal zipped pocket and is 100% cotton, red color,  tinted in Portugal.

Our vegy leathers belong to our environmental friendly range of articles tanned with vegetable extracts. It is heavy metal free, low level of harmful substances, local hides and production and low consumer of water. .

We care about sustainability, the raw hides come from close by regions and the manufacturing process is all done locally, therefore the transportation emissions and energetic costs are reduced when compared to material imported from other continents.

This coin purse  was designed by Viviana Lopes. Available in camel and brown color.

All products have been made in Portugal.


Dimensions: 2"x2"

By purchasing this bag you are donating 5% of the price to projects like the Red Dream project in Vietnam.